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Psychotropic Distortion Collection

at hic et nunc and twitter, a glitch collection based on visual distortions from substances.

LSD Depth Perception Tracers


Tracers are defined as the experience of trails of varying lengths and opacity being left behind moving objects in a manner that is similar to those found in long exposure photography.


Depth perception distortions are defined as alterations in how a person perceives the distance of various objects within their visual field. During this state, the various layers of scenery can become exaggerated, skewed, or completely rearranged.

Depth perception distortions

DPH Pattern recognition suppression

Pattern recognition suppression is defined as a partial to complete inability to mentally process and interpret visual information regardless of its clarity.

Pattern recognition suppression

Mescaline Melting

Melting can be described as a style of visual drifting which results in the texture of objects and scenery appearing to completely or partially melt. It begins at lower intensities as a gradual distortion of an object's texture which causes them to subtly droop, wobble, and lose their structural integrity. This gradually increases until it becomes impossible to ignore as the lines, textures, and colour between solid objects melt into one another in an extremely fluid style.


2C-B Diffraction

Diffraction is defined as the experience of seeing rainbows and spectrums of colour embedded within the brighter parts of a person's visual field. This visual effect is likely due to pupil dilation resulting in some light sources hitting the lens of the eye in a manner which appears to spread into a larger range of the spectrum rather than a consolidated wavelength.


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