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Final of year

fun, gamus and holidays

First month on HEN arts

;> jorney start

neuroRAM collections

Psychotropic Distortion Collection

test results: intp, self-preservation 7w8, disc - d29,02%(high) i27,24%(high) s21,49%(low) c21,49%(low)

My interests, loosely described

belief systems: discordianism, buddhism, chaos magicks

music: scenecore, any weeb breakcore or edm, hyperpop, idm, glitch, piano or lo fi chill

anime: basically /a/core, kinda means anything but slightly elitist

games: fps, horror or surreal rpg maker games, roguelites

misc: nicotine nicotine nicotine

misc2: ritalin ☀ zolpidem ☾